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Background and Motivation

The WMO Integrated Processing and Prediction System (WIPPS) evolved from the Global Data-processing and Forecasting System (GDPFS) is an international mechanism that coordinates Member capacities to generate meteorological analyses and forecasts, and to make the data products operationally available to all Members.  During the GDPFS Symposium in August 2022 in Geneva, one of the important recommendations regarding the “Coordination mechanism among the World Meteorological Centres (WMCs)” is about the visualization of products from WMCs in uniform graphical presentation.  The recommendation is expected to benefit forecasters in the NMHSs and users with a one-stop-shop portal on visualizing and comparing NWP data products from different RSMCs of global NWP. These will facilitate forecasters to understand and assess the performance of the data products in short-range to medium-range forecasts and high-impact weather processes.


Currently, the WMO Lead Centre for Long-Range Forecast Multi-Model Ensemble (LC LRF MME) has been providing online access to visualize long-range forecast (LRF) products from the Global Producing Centres (GPCs) using the same graphical format.  Following this concept, the same coordination activity could be developed for short- to medium-range forecasts from WMCs and generating multi-model ensemble products. Moreover, one of key activity of the WIPPS Roadmap (2022–2026) is to enhance accessibility of WIPPS products by developing Pilot Projects (PPs).  


As WMO RA-II (Asia) region is severely affected by meteorological disasters, the capacity of accurate forecasting and early warning of high-impact weather is essential for protecting life and property. However, the capacities in utilizing available NWP model products or WIPPS data products from WMCs in operational weather forecasting vary substantially among the Members due to limitation in accessing, or lacking experience in using, or post-processing of different global NWP products.  


In this connection, this concept note describes a WIPPS PP to establish a web portal on the Multi-model Integrated Forecasting in support of NMHSs in WMO RA-II on short- to medium-range forecast of severe / high-impact weather and related capacity building activities.