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According to the news, heavy rainfall during 09 January 2020 caused severe flooding in southern Iran. Flooding has affected wide areas of Sistan and Baluchestan, including the capital Zahedan, as well as Konarak, Saravan, Nik Shahr, Delgan, Bazman, Chabahar, Zarābād and Khash. Flooding has blocked roads and damaged houses, bridges, crops and infrastructure. Dozens of areas have been left isolated after roads were damaged or blocked. 

    From the comparison of FY-3D MERSI flooding monitoring images before (Fig. 1) and after (Fig.2) flooding, there are several new water body areas(arrows in fig.2) in Kerman and Sistan-Baluchestan. The area of one new water body (Fig.3) between Kerman and Sistan-Baluchestan is about 2200 km2. The water body (Fig.4) at north Sistan-Baluchestan increased in area of about 480 km2. The area of new water body (Fig.5) at south Sistan-Baluchestan is about 2100 km2.



Fig.1 FY-3D Flood Monitoring Image

(8Jan. 2020 9:45 UTC)



Fig.2 FY-3D Flood Monitoring Image

(16Jan. 2020 08:55 UTC)





Fig.3 FY-3D Flood Monitoring Image between Kerman and Sistan-Baluchestan

(16 Jan. 2020 08:55 UTC)



Fig.4 FY-3D Flood Monitoring Image at north Sistan-Baluchestan

(16Jan. 2020 08:55 UTC)


Fig.5 FY-3D Flood Monitoring Image at south Sistan-Baluchestan

(16Jan. 2020 08:55 UTC)


(Source: National Satellite Meteorological Center, CMA)