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Severe Weather

The high temperature monitoring in Europe22 Jul 2022 06:56 UTCExtreme heat occurred in the western Europe21 Jul 2022 09:10 UTCHeavy rain occurred in Pakistan15 Jul 2022 00:54 UTCHeavy rain and flood monitoring in Bangladesh and India01 Jul 2022 08:57 UTCHeavy rain and flood monitoring in Bangladesh25 May 2022 08:54 UTCSouth Africa was impacted by flood caused by a subtropical cyclone14 Apr 2022 09:19 UTCThe Typhoon “MALAKAS” and “MEGI” Monitoring12 Apr 2022 08:09 UTCMonitoring of tropical cyclone “HALIMA” in the southwest Indian Ocean25 Mar 2022 03:40 UTCA Strong North Africa Sand & Dust Storm hits Europe16 Mar 2022 01:28 UTCThe Typhoon of EMNATI Monitoring by FengYun Satellite25 Feb 2022 07:32 UTCWinter Storm will impact North America17 Feb 2022 06:28 UTCTropical storm “Dumako” in the Southwestern Indian Ocean is expected to bri...15 Feb 2022 08:58 UTCMonitoring of tropical cyclone “BATSIRAI” in the southwest Indian Ocean 04 Feb 2022 11:55 UTCFlood monitoring in Malawi and Mozambique by FY-3D29 Jan 2022 00:57 UTCGreece and Turkey was impacted by strong snow28 Jan 2022 07:51 UTCTropical Cyclone ANA Monitoring by FY-2H in Mozambique 26 Jan 2022 01:07 UTCOverview of Super Typhoon “RAI” in the Northwest Pacific Ocean21 Dec 2021 07:37 UTCSemeru volcano eruption monitoring in East Java Island of Indonesia 09 Dec 2021 03:46 UTCThe Flood Disaster Monitoring in British Columbia, Canada23 Nov 2021 03:40 UTCTropical Strom Kompasu is about to make lanfall in Northern Vietnam14 Oct 2021 02:14 UTC
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