WMO RA II HangzhouRDP Workshop Successfully Held07 Aug 2023 08:47 UTCNMEFC Issues Storm Surge Advisory on BIPARJOY13 Jun 2023 05:53 UTCCMA Key Laboratory of Hydro-Meteorology officially unveiled28 Apr 2023 15:08 UTCCMA upgrades its Global Forecasting System08 Mar 2023 04:28 UTCThe Annual Meeting of the Chinese Committee - World Weather Research Programme (CNC-WWRP) successfully held in Hangzh...07 Sep 2022 02:12 UTCWorld Meteorological Centre Beijing Releases It's First Global Severe Weather Monitoring Bulletin17 May 2022 22:08 UTCSuccessful Weather Forecasting Support for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games23 Feb 2022 08:55 UTCEnhanced Weather Research and Forecasting in Support of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games21 Feb 2022 03:01 UTCService Survey of World Meteorological Center Beijing (WMC-Beijing)21 Feb 2022 01:18 UTCChina-Russia Consortium Global Space Weather Center established21 Feb 2022 01:18 UTCTop 10 weather and climate events in 2021 unveiled07 Jan 2022 00:35 UTCCenter for Earth System Modelling and Prediction of CMA established11 Oct 2021 05:36 UTCCMA unified the naming of numerical prediction models11 Oct 2021 05:32 UTCArctic Sea Ice and BSISO Monitoring Products are now available03 Jun 2021 07:55 UTCUpgrade of CMA’s GRAPES_GFS Model22 Apr 2021 02:41 UTCWMC Beijing held annual conference to propel high-quality development12 Mar 2021 09:21 UTCTop 10 weather and climate events in 2020 unveiled12 Jan 2021 06:10 UTC2020 online international training course on Tropical Cyclone Monitoring and Forecasting11 Dec 2020 05:41 UTCUpgrade of CMA’s GRAPES_GFS Model17 Jul 2020 09:04 UTCCMA global objective weather forecast products expand to more than 10 thousand cities 10 Jul 2020 07:09 UTC
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