On December 30, 2021, the result of the top 10 domestic and global weather and climate events in 2021 was unveiled. The annual selection activity of weather and climate events is sponsored by Beijing Climate Centre.

The top ten weather and climate events in China in 2021 are as follows: heavier rainfall in northern China, ranking second in history; heavy downpour in Henan in July 21 setting the hourly meteorological observation record in the mainland; phased meteorological drought in South China; typhoon In-fa hovering over the Chinese mainland for a recorded spell of time; rare occurrence in history of super typhoons in December affecting the South China Sea; extreme cold and warmth shift in central-eastern China in January, and northern China in February; frequent strong cold wave from the outset of the autumn; several occurences of tornado and heavy losses incurred by severe convective weather; the strongest sand and dust storm weather in March in the past decade; 2 new members of Fengyun meteorological satellites programme, FY-4B satellite and FY-3E satellite.

Top ten global weather and climate events are as follows: Europe battered by extreme heavy rainfall in summer and autumn; winter storm Uri walloping the North America breaking lowest temperature record; extreme cold current in South Africa exposing many places to record-breaking lowest temperature; rare strong tornado event in America in winter; heat wave scorching many places in northern hemisphere in summer; extreme drought in South America affecting global agricultural product trade; category 4 hurricane Ida bringing gusts and rainstorm; two successive cyclone storms hammering India in May; Mongolia subjected to sand storm and snowstorm in spring; Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group I report and Glasgow Climate pact unveiled.(Jan. 5)

Reporter: Wu Peng, Luo Lan

Editor: Liu Shuqiao