On September 30, Center for Earth System Modelling and Prediction of China Administration (CMA) (hereafter referred to as CEMC) is established in Beijing.

Center for Earth System Modelling and Prediction of CMA was established

Speaking at the establishment ceremony of the center, Zhuang Guotai, Administrator of CMA, urges to step up research and development of earth system modelling through innovation and cooperation in a more open manner.

The center will take the responsibilities of earth system NWP technology design, operational system R&D,verification and assessment, high performance computing efficiency optimization and parallel computing technology research, open laboratory co-establishment, international cooperation and exchange, and so on.

The earth system approach is one of the priorities of the WMO strategy. The holistic Earth system approach will permit leading experts and researchers, as well as the private sector and academia, to contribute to WMO activities. This approach is expected to break the silos in the WMO Secretariat and close the capacity gaps between Members. Through the construction of CEMC, CMA expects to contribute more to the international community by enhanced earth system modelling capacities against the background of global warming. 

Editor: Liu Shuqiao, Zhou Qingliang

Source:China Meteorological News Press