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The center of southwest indian ocean tropical cyclone ANA was located approximately 1487 km northeast of Mozambique Maputo in the Mozambique Channel (,) at 00:00 on January 24th , 2022(UTC). The maximum wind speed near the center was level-9 (21 m/s, equivalent to China's tropical storm level), and the minimum pressure at the center was 992 hPa.

As shown in Fig.1 (data derived from FY-2H geostationary meteorological satellite, 06:00UTC, Jan 24 th), ANA has a loose spiral structure. As shown in Fig.2(infrared enhanced cloud image of FY-2H, the same time as Fig.1), the convection is flourishing on the north and west sides of ANA, cloud top brightness temperature is below -70.

ANA is expected to lose its strength as it moving westward at about 18 kilometers per hour. (Source: NSMC)


Fig. 1. Cloud map of FY-2H of “ANA” , 06:00(UTC) on Jan 24th , 2022


Fig. 2. Infrared enhanced cloud image of FY-2H 06:00(UTC) on Jan 24th , 2022