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The tropical cyclone IBA in the South Atlantic Ocean located at 19.9°S, 37.3 °E at 18:30 UTC on March 25. The maximum sustained wind near the center was 24 m/s and the intensity was strengthened.

As seen from the image of polar-orbiting meteorological satellite FY-3D in Figure 1 at 15:45 UTC on March 25, the IBA was Central Dense Overcast with intense convective cloud near the center and the east of the circulation center and weakly developed cumulus lines on the west side. Compared with the image of FY-3D at 16:05 (UTC) on March 24, the helical symmetric organization of the cloud located at the northwest of IBA was weakened and the interaction between them was decreased.

It is predicted that IBA will move southward with an enhancing intensity.