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Since 2023, there have been 7 large-scale sandstorms in Central and North Asia.

From April 9th to 12th, 2023, due to the influence of a strong cyclone in Mongolia and its cold air behind, A strong SDS occurred from southern Mongolia and affected most of China's Yangtze River, the Korean Peninsula, Japan, and other areas with the airflow. Fukuoka City observed dust at 9:40 am on April 12th. It is said that the "visibility" in the horizontal direction is 5-8 kilometers. The SDS  will spread to most areas in northern and eastern Japan, and the impact on traffic should be noted.(WMO RSMC-ASDF BEIJING)

Fig. 1   WMO SDS-WAS Asian Center  SDS  Mean SDS concentration 

   Fig. 2   China Fengyun Satellite SDS Monitoring