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The center of tropical cyclone “HALIMA” in the southwest Indian Ocean was located at 13.2°S, 75.2°E, about 2200 kilometers northeast of Saint Denis, French reunion, at about 06:00 (UTC, hereinafter same) on March 24. It had a maximum wind speed of 26 m/s and a minimum pressure of 988 hPa near the center of the cyclone.

The cloud map of FY-2H (Fig. 1) and the true color image of FY-3D (Fig. 2) meteorological satellite shown “HALIMA” has a loose spiral structure. The Infrared enhanced cloud image (Fig. 3) of FY-2H meteorological satellite at 06:00 shown the cloud top brightness temperature of the circulation center is below -70.


Fig. 1. Cloud map of FY-2H of “HALIMA” , 06:00(UTC) on March 24, 2022.


Fig. 2. The true color image of FY-3D on March 24, 2022.


Fig. 3. Infrared enhanced cloud image of FY-2H, acquired at 06:00 (UTC) on March 24, 2022

The “HALIMA” is expected to move southwest at a speed of about 18 kilometers per hour, with the strength increases gradually.

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