The 2019 ESCAPE/WMO Typhoon Committee Roving Seminar (TCRS) and the 4th CMA International Training Programme on Typhoon Monitoring and Forecasting was held at China Meteorological Administration (CMA) in Beijing from 11 to 21 November 2019.

The National Meteorological Centre (NMC) of CMA (World Meteorological Centre Beijing) has organized Typhoon International Training every year since 2016 with the support of the International Cooperation Department of CMA in order to advance the tropical cyclone forecasting capacity. This year, World Meteorological Centre Beijing office jointly hosted the TCRS with Typhoon Committee and co-organized the typhoon training programme with CMA Training Centre. The seminar and the training programme were attended by 13 participants from Thailand (3), Vietnam (1), Sri Lanka (1), Myanmar (1), Maldives (1), Bangladesh (1), Lao PDR (1), Singapore (1), Macao China (1) and Hong Kong China (2). The training was also attended by 23 participants from NMC or provincial meteorological department of CMA.

The theme of Typhoon Committee Roving Seminar 2019 was “Quantitative Precipitation Estimation (QPE) and Quantitative Precipitation Forecasting (QPF)” with three lecturers from Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong China. The training programme focused on practical knowledge and skills related to operational typhoon analysis and forecasting via lectures and exercises. The courses covered a range of subjects including typhoon monitoring, forecasting (track, intensity, and genesis), verification as well as storm surge forecasting.

During the seminar, all participants gave presentations in their own countries/regions for the QPE/QPF and engaged in fruitful discussions with lecturers and others present.

The training helped the attendees to deepen their understanding of operational typhoon monitoring, analysis and forecasting.

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