Heavy rains have caused widespread flooding in parts of Bangladesh and India. The monitoring image of FY-4A meteorological satellite at 12:50 (UTC time) on May 21 (Fig. 1) shows strong convective cloud cluster appeared over Bangladesh and its adjacent northwest India, and the TBB (temperature of brightness blackbodywas below -70 oC.


Fig.1 IR Enhanced Image of FY-4A, acquired at 12:50 (UTC) on May 21, 2022.

Quantity Precipitation Estimation (QPE) results shown the convective system resulted in strong precipitation, and the amount of precipitation reached more than 20mm/h (Fig.2).


Fig.2 Quantity Precipitation Estimation (QPE) of FY-4A, acquired at 12:50 (UTC) on May 21, 2022.


Furthermore, heavy rains caused widespread flooding. FY-3D Flood Compostie Image at 07:50 (UTC time) on May 23 (Fig.3) shows there was large flood area after the heavy rainfall in northeastern Bangladesh.


Fig.3 FY-3D Flood Compostie Image, acquired at 07:50 (UTC) on May 23, 2022.


FY-3D Flood Map (Fig. 4) shows that a large area of flood water appears after the heavy precipitation (red area in Fig. 4). The result shows there were about 8,558 square kilometers of flooded area caused by the heavy rainfall, accounting for about 5.8% of the country's land area.


Fig.4 FY-3D Flood Map

(May 01, 2022 vs May 23, 2022)

(Source: NSMC)