On April 28, 2010, Numerical Weather Prediction Center o00.pngf China Meteorological Administration (CMA) was established. During a ten-year period, a suite of national numerical weather prediction systems, based on independent technology, has been developed and put into operation.

Development of GRAPES system

In 2000, under the support of the Scientific and Technological Support Project of Ministry of science and technology of China, CMA started to develop next generation NWP system-Global-Regional Assimilation and PrEdiction System(GRAPES). With the establishment of NWPC in 2010, the operation-oriented R&D was enhanced. Several core techniques were developed including physical processes optimization,4D-var data assimilation, multi-platform and multi-sensor satellite data assimilation, high performance computing etc. .

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Figures. GRAPES_MESO has been strongly supporting the weather forecast and service since 2007 (right)

 GRAPES 4D-var and GRAPES_GEPS were put into operation in 2018 (left)


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