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WMC EWSM (WMC Early Warning Support Mechanism)


The World Meteorological Centre Beijing (WMC-BJ) Early Warning Support (EWS) mechanism supports authorized National Meteorological Hydrological Service (NHMS) users of the WMO member for predicted extreme weather events or impending meteorological disasters by providing products and services. WMC-BJ of China Meteorological Administration (CMA) constantly monitors Asia and the globe for signals of an impending extreme weather event or meteorological disaster. The EWS can be activated in emergency situations by quickly providing with on-demand products such as NWP multi-model forecasting maps, satellite imageries, tailored analysis or other relevant information to enable better early warning and better prevention of the disaster throughout the world. It covers in particular:


n Tropical cyclone

n Heavy rainfall

n Heavy snow

n Heat wave

n Cold wave

n Sand dust storm

n Monsoon floods

n Extreme drought




Who can activate the EWS mechanism

Users are only authorized National Meteorological Hydrological Service (NHMS) users of the WMO member.


Conditions for Activation

Only large-scale emergency situations, and humanitarian crises caused by meteorological disasters are within the scope of EWS services. The EWS services are available to the requesting authorized user free of charge for limited periods.


How to activate the EWS mechanism

Requests for EWS should be made by the Director General or the Head of Forecasting of the NHMS. The authorized user should complete the request form and sent to World Meteorological Centre Beijing Office via email: wmc_ewsm@cma.gov.cn.


There are two activation modes:

The Service Level 1 (SL1), for when the quick provision (within hours or days) of model forecasting maps or satellite imageries, in support of emergency activities , is required.

The Service Level 2 (SL2) is activated when there is a need for the provision of more tailored analysis infomation of less urgency and may set up an online joint weather discussion meeting (1-3 days ahead of the event).



For more information, please contact the WMC-Beijing office

Email: wmc_ewsm@cma.gov.cn