Since September 5 2023, Greece and Libya and other places have suffered sustained heavy rainfall because of the storm Daniel (named by Greece meteorological agency) in the central and eastern Mediterranean.

From September 5 to 6, 400 to 600 mm of rain fell in 24 hours in Thessalido, Greece. On September 10, storm Daniel made landfall in northern Libya, the rainfall amount reached more than 150-240 mm in many places, Fengyun 3D satellite true color images (Figure 1) showed that storm Daniel had affected the northeast of Libya, the city of Derna was affected by Daniel storm, and heavy and torrential rain and severe flash floods occurred to its eastern coastal areas. (National Meteorological Center, National Satellite Meteorological Center)



Fig.1  True color image by FY-3D(UTC 12:30 September 10,2023)