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There have been large-scale high temperature areas affected by heat waves in the northern Europe since the beginning of July. It is reported on 19th July that many places in Britain broke their historical records in temperatures. 2m-temperature of London Airport rose to 40.2which was the first time exceeding 40since the meteorological observation record. According to the CRA reanalysis, the daily 2m-maximum temperature over the last 10 days was above 36over southern Europe and the southern parts of the western Europe, even exceeding 40in some parts of Portugal, Spain and UK (Figure 1).


Figure 1 distribution of 2m max Temperatures during July 10th to 20th, 2022


It is expected that the Subtropical High will superimpose on the ridge of the continental high in the next 3 days (Figure 2), under the influence of this synoptic pattern, there will still be high-temperature weather above 35 in southern Europe and central Europe, and the maximum temperature may exceed 40 in some parts of the region. (Editor: Cai Xiangning, Wang Yi, Li Jiarui)



Figure 2 Geo potential height at 500 hPa and its anomaly during July 21th to 24th, 2022