On 30 April 2019, the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) announced that the CMA global NWP systems – GRAPES has been upgraded from GRAPES_GFS V2.4 to GRAPES_GFS V2.5. The new global data assimilation system incorporated multiple satellite data into the model including FY-3D HIRAS, MWTS-2, FY-3C/D MWRI, FY-2H VISSR, FY-4A AGRI and FY-3D/KOMPSAT/PAZ. The forecasting skill of new system is better than the previous system.

The CMA global ensemble prediction system – GRAPES_GEPS V1.1 has been updated for the numerical integration model and the stochastic perturbation scheme with the improved post-processing module. It contributed to better forecasting skill of the new EPS than the previous system.

The CMA regional ensemble prediction system – GRAPES_REPS V3.1 updated its radar echo calculation scheme for sub-grid precipitation that leading to better forecasting capacity than the previous system.

The upgraded three systems will be put into operational implementation since 6 May 2020.