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    It is reported that the typhoon EMNATI was located at 24.7°S 42.8°E at 00:00 (UTC time, the same below). It had a maximum wind speed of 18 m/s and a minimum pressure of 994 hPA near the center of typhoon.


Fig. 1. True color image observed by FY-3D at 10:00 on Feb 23, 2022 (UTC)


Fig. 2. IR enhance image observed by FY-4A at 2:00 on Feb 24, 2022 (UTC)

    The true color image of FY-3D (Fig.1) shown EMNATI has a loose spiral structure. The IR enhance image (Fig.2) and Cloud-Top Height measured by FY-4A(Fig.3) shown the cloud top brightness temperature of the circulation center is below -50℃ and the cloud top height is more than 15km in EMNATI. The sea surface wind of FY-3E (Fig.4) shown the wind speed in the eastern and southern sea area of Madagascar was high, with a maximum wind speed of 20 m / s at 14:55 on Feb 23, and the wind speed in the eastern sea area was weakened at 2:10 on Feb 24, and the area with high wind speed was mainly located in the southern waters.


Fig. 3. Cloud-Top Height measured by FY-4A at 2:00 on Feb 24, 2022 (UTC)

image.png  image.png

Fig. 4. FY-3E Sea surface wind

    EMNATI will move at 25 km/h in a south direction and with little change in intensity.  

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