The Sixth China-Arab States Expo

High-quality Meteorological Development Cooperation Forum and Smart Meteorological Exhibition

        With a view to implementing the important instructions made by President Xi Jinping on "establishing a China-GCC cooperation mechanism in meteorological science and technology" and "using China's Fengyun meteorological satellites and the World Meteorological Center in Beijing to support the Arab side in disaster prevention and mitigation" at the "Three Rings Summits", China Meteorological Administration and the People's Government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region are scheduled to organize the Sixth China-Arab States Expo High-quality Meteorological Development Cooperation Forum (hereinafter referred to as the "Forum") in Yinchuan on September 21st to 22nd, 2023. This Forum is the first meteorological forum held at the China-Arab States Expo and also one of the eight itemized activities of the Sixth China-Arab States Expo.

The meteorological session contains the basic framework of a main forum, a roundtable, a parallel forum, and a meteorological exhibition. We will hold the Main Forum on High-quality Development Cooperation in Meteorology, where the leader(s) from the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, head(s) from the China Meteorological Administration, and high-level official(s) from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) are invited to deliver speeches. Then the Department of International Cooperation, China Meteorological Administration will present a keynote report on the China-Arab Meteorological Cooperation and Future Prospects, followed by keynote speeches by academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering and officials of the Meteorological Services of Arab States. Our bilateral meetings on meteorological cooperation with relevant countries are designed to facilitate the signing of framework cooperation agreements between leading enterprises in meteorology and meteorological departments of Arab states for mechanical outcomes. With the roundtable theme of "Disaster Prevention and Mitigation and Response to Climate Change", important guests from home and abroad will conduct high-level meteorological dialogues, and promote the use of China's Fengyun meteorological satellites and the World Meteorological Centre Beijing to support the Arab side in disaster prevention and mitigation and climate governance. The parallel forum, with the theme of "Meteorological Service Guarantee for the Belt and Road", focuses on the content, carrier, and mechanism of deepening China-Arab cooperation in meteorological science and technology. The Smart Meteorological Exhibition is of the essence.

As one of the eight professional exhibitions of China-Arab States Expo, this Smart Meteorological Exhibition is designed with four areas to showcase the latest achievements in meteorological science and technology, new meteorological equipment and meteorological service solutions, thus providing a new platform and opportunity for further deepening China-Arab and China-GCC meteorological science and technology cooperation.

1. Exhibition Area for China's Fengyun Meteorological Satellites and Their Application, available for the Fengyun meteorological satellite model, international user emergency service mechanism of Fengyun meteorological satellites, Fengyun Earth —international system demonstration and typical application cases, Ningxia "Silk Road · Sky Eye" ecological meteorology and disaster prevention and mitigation application platform, etc.

2. Exhibition Area for WMO World Meteorological Centre Beijing,designed for the digital weather forecast system of global seamless smart grid, global oceanographic meteorological navigation service, meteorological big data cloud platform, global numerical weather forecast system, multi-hazard early warning toolbox, disaster prevention and mitigation demonstration scenarios, and convergence media weather service video production system.

3. Exhibition Area for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation and Response to Climate Change, specific for the systems including the China Multi-Model Ensemble (CMME) Prediction System, "Belt and Road" climate monitoring and prediction system, Global Multi-Hazard Alert System in Asia (GMAS-A),  National Weather Modification Project (CPAS), as well as Modern Ark 60, Wing Loong III drone models, and new weather modification equipment produced by Shaanxi Zhongtian Rocket, Sichuan Tengden, FARAVIC Avionics, etc.

4. Smart Meteorological Equipment Exhibition Area, exclusive for the China self-developed new meteorological service systems, including the integrated observation data quality control system (Tianheng) and integrated meteorological product system (Tianyan), and the strong convection radar product system (Leisheng-P), as well as all kinds of new meteorological equipment and maneuvering meteorological emergency observation systems.