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 The China Meteorological Administration (CMA) hosts following Centres defined by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO)’s Manual on the Global Data-Processing and Forecasting System (GDPFS) (WMO-No. 485). This portal summarizes activities to meet general requirements and standards for World Meteorological Centre (WMC) and Regional Specialized Meteorological Centres (RSMCs) (more information on WMO website ).



 World Meteorological Centre (WMC)

 As a World Meteorological Centre (WMC), WMC-Beijing provides WMO Members with a range of forecast products based on our global models. These include deterministic and ensemble medium-range forecasts and seasonal forecasts. Graphic products are available via the WMC Beijing website. A subset of products is available via the Beijing GISC (Global Information System Centre) for the WMO Information system (WIS).


Key Functions of WMC


l Data collection and quality control

      Collection and quality control of the incoming observation that are used in the real-time operations of GDPFS.

l Provision of global forecast products

      Provision of operational global deterministic numerical weather prediction (NWP);Provision of global ensemble NWP;Provision of global numerical long-range prediction products;WMC-Beijing makes available some of the global forecast products via the WIS. 

l Documentation on system and products

      Documentation on the technical characteristics of the operational systems and on the products.


    -  Global deterministic NWP

       Model specification (pdf)

       Products (pdf)

       Metadata link on WIS


    - Global ensemble NWP

       Model specification (pdf)

       Products (pdf)

       Metadata link on WIS


    - Global numerical long-range predition

       Model specification (pdf)

       Products (pdf)

       Metadata link on WIS


   - Numerical ocean wave predition

       Model specification (pdf)

       Products (pdf)



Other Functions of WMC


l Verification of products

      It is important to provide verification information on the Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) products for the benefit of operational forecasters and to help the centres improve their forecasts. The standard verification measures are defined in Manual on the GDPFS (WMO-No. 485). WMC-Beijing produces verification statistics and makes them available to the Lead Centres for verification as follows:


    WMO Lead Centre for Deterministic NWP Verification


   - WMO Lead Centre for EPS Verification


   - WMO Lead Centre for Long-Range Forecast Verification



l Training

      Conducting workshops and seminars on the preparation and use of WMC products.


l Long-term storage of data and products

      Maintaining a continuously updated catalogue of data and products stored in the system.


l Reporting on compliance

      Provision of information about the current implementation of the system.

      CMA 2017 GDPFS/NWP Report 

      CMA 2018 GDPFS/NWP Report 

      CMA 2019 GDPFS/NWP Report 

      CMA 2020 GDPFS/NWP Report 



  Regional Specialized Meteorological Centres (RSMCs)

l Regional centre for Atmospheric Sand and Dust storm Forecasts (ASDF)

       Products (pdf)

       Metadata link on WIS

       ASDF Beijing Website


al Regional centre for marine meteorological services

       Products (pdf)


l Regional centre for nuclear environmental emergency response

       Model specification (pdf)

       Prodcuts (pdf)